Why History Hill

The Key to Viewing History Hill

To see History Hill through the eyes of its makers, we ask you to reflect upon the following points.

1mine entrance. Human nature.

There is always a genius, a few idiots and a lot in-between, which represent the extremes and average or normal. Humans seem to dislike normal and treat it as boring, therefore to keep public interest many publications concentrate on the extremes of rich, poor or lucky, unlucky. The big finds of the jewellers shop to the starvation of the poverty pot.

2. Do we get the message right?

There is always an angle of deception, which clouds us from reality. Our mind encouraged by imagination will perceive its own version. If Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson were to write about the same event both versions would be different even from first hand accounts. A good example of confusing a message is the game Chinese whispers. Whether intentional or not people who communicate freely will alter the statement.

3. Profile of a typical gold digger.

mine exitA young to middle aged man (one quote was “there was not a grey beard in sight”). The ones that weathered the journey were the strongest of mind and body so most were fit and healthy. Full of hope there was for the first time a chance for the average worker to break the chains of poverty and make a fortune. We look at how hard it was for them but was it? There were no high Tech. metals or plastics, no computers, overnight transport. Our availability to electricity, heating, cooling, shops and services did not exist. We think it was hard, they thought it was normal! With one exception, the excitement of a goldrush.

4. Friends.

The trip to a goldfield took time and most walked carrying all or using wheelbarrows. Friends meant sharing the load and taking less, so you could get there quicker e.g. would five diggers take five billycans or for that matter five of everything? Remember gold is money and when you have money you have friends and when you have lots of money you have lots of friends. This is how a goldfield grows from a goldrush with diggers and supporting services until you run out of gold (money) then you run out of friends and the goldfield shrinks into the remains of a goldrush town.

5. Population ratio.

eateryWe believe less than half were gold diggers; most formed the varied network of services from religion to police, storekeeper, publican, carriers, blacksmiths, and etc. Women were in short supply. Children had a high mortality rate until about the age of ten. At this age they seemed to have a mind for reason and their survival rate was that of an adult.

6. Now combine all this on a site (the gold field) in a time zone (the gold rush) and you have History Hill.


Ask questions, safety first.
Have a look through BROWSE HISTORY HILL and the AUTHORS NOTE.
We recommend comparison; if it were not for inquiring minds History Hill would never have been built.
Before booking an excursion please review the following points.

  1. Compare our originality and collection of goldrush antiques to other facilities and ask which suits your teaching needs best?
  2. Understand we have learned by our mistakes. Restoring the Bald Hill Tourist Mine 20 years ago was just a matter of trade knowledge. Operating it for tourism was an education in itself. Ladders too steep, access and drainage is a real problem and there many others. We had restored the mine with the view of work not visitor inspection.

minewalkwayFifteen years of operating and building the Bald Hill Tourist Mine, and another three years of blood, sweat and tears resulted in the ultimate “Son of Hope Mine”, at History Hill. Younger, more safety, more displays and bigger – the new exhibition has even fooled the experts. The Son of Hope, was built for purpose, safety, location, education, authentic history and above all people visitation with easy access.

If you’re going on an Underground Mine tour, then ASK!

  • Does Workcover regularly inspect the mine?
  • Is the mine fitted with an automatic battery powered back up lighting system.
  • Plus 240 volt mains connected back up generator power supply so tours can continue anytime.
  • Does the mine have 240 volt earth leakage trip switches for instant safety?
  • Does the mine have adequate lighting or are there dark patches?
  • Panic does not make for a pleasant excursion!
  • Is there adequate fire fighting equipment fitted and is it inspected regularly?
  • How often does a mine manager inspect the workings?
  • How easy is the access if there is an accident inside the mine?
  • Does the guide have any underground experience?
  • Are the ladders Workcover standard?

dining thumbFacilities and Resources

1. Where are we having Lunch, are there toilets, shelter, do they have licenses for food preparation, can the children wash before they eat?

At History Hill we have appropriate licenses, commercial kitchen, modern amenities and undercover eating for 130 at a time.

2. Will we be getting on and off the bus a lot?
At History Hill all activities and meals are onsite.

3. What’s the water like, is it bore or soft rainwater?

Soft pure rainwater is on tap through bubbles, showers and all taps at History Hill.

fireplace4. Is there adequate fire equipment?
Apart from back up generator power and the fact that all circuit power is safely underground, History Hill has 20 fire extinguishers and 13 static hose reels.

5. Is drainage and effluent disposal a problem?

As our name suggests on a hill we have good drainage and are fitted with environmentally friendly Bio-Cycle which in the country the best in effluent disposal.

6. What’s the shelter like if we are looking at displays, etc.?
At History Hill there is more to see undercover than anywhere else in the district. If you know of more undercover involving gold and school excursions we will happily and instantly change this statement if you are right!

7. Do your guides know the subject?
At history Hill Malcolm does most of the tour work. See Authors Note. We do have a couple of casuals and can assure the reader they are very conscientious guides or we would not have them doing the job!

benches8. Will the students learn?
No one can make a child learn. However curiosity helps. History Hill with a network of corridors, rooms and a big atmosphere has the advantage when it comes to student learning. As an example the buildings are of a type most kids have never seen let alone been in. With the changes in building regulations this type of round native timber, old style construction will be in itself a thing of the past. History Hill stimulates the mind with curiosity and amazement.

We ask that teachers be as inquiring as possible, to sort through what is available, and to find what is best for their school students academic requirements and safety standards.


History Hill has all the above standards and answers all the questions in the affirmative.

If you need to know more contact Malcolm Drinkwater during business hours.

Please click here to view our  Risk Assessment Policy.