Visit Preparation

Student Behaviour

These rules are designed to assist in the safety of students. 

All students are at all times to be under strict teacher control.

  1. No throwing stones or smashing quartz. All rocks are to be left alone.
  2. No running. Especially in the museum and mine. The ground is rough and rocky.
    We are in a goldfield, not a football field.
  3. No climbing on displays inside or outside the museum.
  4. All push button working models are for adult use, as, if allowed there is always one student who will monopolise the display.
  5. There is to be a teacher on ground duty at all times when students are outside.
  6. No food or drink to be consumed inside museum complex. All rubbish goes in the bin.



These children are on loan to us for the purpose of education, which includes personal development. How to behave in a group situation and act in a manner that is socially acceptable. We suggest students are familiar with this section so they know what is expected of them and parents are made aware that their child’s welfare is a priority and things like bullying will definitely not be tolerated. Especially left unsupervised it’s easy for children to fool around not realizing the implication of their actions until something is broken or an accident happens. As adults it is our job to anticipate and act accordingly.

Our aim is to teach without stressing the students or us. Teachers especially go with little sleep and endure a big responsibility when on excursion, we hope to assist in this task.

Please click here to view our Risk Assessment Policy