As this is a privately owned collection the opening times can vary.

BookingsAdult Groups.

Minimum of 20 Adults.

The normal is a $33.- Per head package which includes the 10 % GST.

We need from 2 to 3 hours to do our deed and it does include lunch.

A normal visit.

E.T.A. 9.30 to 10.00 a.m. for morning tea. However some arrive at lunchtime and have afternoon tea during the program.

We are located on 1200 acres one and a half kilometers outside Hill End on the Sofala/Bathurst Road. After either lunch or morning tea there is an introductory lecture and 15 minute history video featuring Hill End and some of its earlier residents. Then it’s the collection of a lifetime with over 10,000 gold rush artifacts, steam engines, stamper batteries and for the adventurous 175 metres of underground mine to explore.

If we are following the E.T.A. of 9.30 to 10.00 a.m. then after the Museum its lunch.

12.00 Noon. Lunch. A luncheon consisting of hot chips, chicken mixed vegetables, fish fingers, bbq eggs and sausages salads and more, followed by pancakes with caramel topping and cream. All our bus groups are fed well!

If the diet needs to be altered let us know.

A self-guided town tour of Hill End can be supplied or can be downloaded from the website. Hill End historic sites are also explained during the museum visitation. Patrons usually spend an hour or so exploring Hill End afterwards at their own pace

This itinerary can be increased or decreased to suit time constraints.

We are generally open most Sundays & holidays from 9am – 4pm . However we specialize in bus groups and work around their preferred times.

We suggest you call us before your visit to ensure that you will not be disappointed.