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Hill End GoldExcerpt from Hill End Gold

“During my younger years I spoke to locals who were involved in this project and they knew where the gold went. You can never repute experience combined with local knowledge when it comes to gold seeking in your own back yard. The experts had not correctly accessed dirty water carrying capacity as gold travelled through the recovery processes. Most workers went fossicking in their own time on weekends a few kilometres down past the man made gold traps knowing where natural nature designed gold traps had collected pay dirt. Most gold was not on the lease but had settled downstream.”



Hill End HearsayExcerpt from Hill End Hearsay

“In a country town the problems of night without good lighting affected vermin control, especially when you had a bakery flavouring the air with an irresistible odour of grain and flour. More than enough to tempt local feral goats, into forming raiding parties led by one big problem, billy.

A noted good shot at the ripe old age of fourteen, Job was elected unofficial vermin control officer. His mission this night was to defend the bakery from attack by goats, and to shoot the offenders. Through the night he played with the firearm, loading, unloading, cleaning, loading. Tired, Job had a lapse of concentration. He inadvertently looked down the barrel after he had cleaned the weapon. ‘No, just reloaded it’. He pulled the trigger.”